Quality Assurance

Global Components is currently using an ultra high performance microscope in our ESD department to verify the authenticity and quality standard to each and every component that arrives through our supply channel. We verify the following:

• Leads (residue, scratches, corrosion)
• Casing
• Handling

Global Components has a strict policy for quality assurance. Any signs or indications that a component does not meet the standard requested as per manufacturer’s specifications, the customer will be advised immediately. Global Components has signed an agreement with AAA Components Test Lab LLC.

Global Components offers our clients piece of mind

AAA Components provides services that include third-party inspection and testing, AAA Components Test Lab ensures that your interests are protected and that quality products are procured. Through thorough inspections, we determine whether your merchandise meets specific requirements or any explicit guidelines you have requested

Level 1 – 1 to 3 of the Devices Primary Characteristic’s Of Device is verified at 25C. This may include the following:

• VOH/VOL at specified Load
• Shutdown or Tri-state
• Truth Table verification
• ICC (quiescent or operating)
• Min/Max Operating Voltage

Level 2 – Testing of Level 1 parameters at Temperature (-55C, -40C, 0C, 25C, 70C, 85C, 125C).
Level 3- Verification of All DC parameters to Manufactures Specification at 25C.
Level 4- Verification of All DC parameters (Group A table II) to Manufactures Specification at Temperature (-55C, -40C,0C,70C, 85C, 125C).