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Certified testing available with accredited testing labs
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Certified testing available with accredited testing labs
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Certified testing available with accredited testing labs.
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Certified testing available with accredited testing labs
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Comprehensive Component Testing

Comprehensive Component Testing by Semiconductor Experts
Electrical Tests -
Testing of devices such as transistors, diodes, microelectronics & integrated circuits using MIL-STD-202 & MIL-STD-750 test methods.

The proliferation of counterfeit and substandard electronic components infiltrating the global supply chain requires highly reliable, cost-effective test and analysis solutions for ALL orders - large and small. Our partners; AAA testing labs & Whitehorse are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs, which provide a quick-turnaround & are capable to rapidly detect and report product non-conformities and provide reliable electrical test services.

Component Authentication - All products undergo a detailed visual inspection that includes evaluation of the incoming package, shipping documents, and carrier as well as obvious signs of non-conformities prior to inspection under magnification.

AAA & Whitehorse labs are approved commercial lab by the DLA for counterfeit detection services performed in accordance with SAE Aerospace Standard AS6171 & AS6081along with AS5553, CCAP-101, and IDEA-1010.

Environmental testing - Component certification to industry standards for Temperature Cycling, Thermal Shock, HAST, Temp/Humidity/Bias (THB), Burn-in and more.

Our 3rd party accredited partners provide a comprehensive suite of environmental test chambers for qualification of electronic components to most industry and military standards.

Additional Services-  Other offerings include baking, dry packing for moisture sensitive devices, lead tinning, RoHS conversion and programming/erasure for memory, and other semiconductor devices - Quick-turn tape & reel service is available in a variety of configurations.

View or download sample test report of typical testing of components from our partners*